Nicholas Choong

Location:Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Born 1977 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Adept at drawing at an early age, Nicholas was fortunate to have studied with several art teachers during his formative years. It was during this period he learnt the fine arts of illustration and watercolors, as well as woodcarving and batik. Also around this time, he was involved in his very first art exhibition as a youngster. After school, Nicholas worked in several industries. As a learning process, Nick worked as a Graphic designer, Photographer, Sound engineer, Music Producer, and achieved some success as a DJ, winning some awards. This also gave him the opportunity to travel around Asia as a performer.
In late 2011, taking a backseat from music, thus having some time on his hands, he returned to art, and since then has been involved in 3 exhibitions around KL, with another two lined up for 2014.Today, Nicholas’ works can be found in some galleries, and in the homes of private collectors from locales like London, New York, Singapore, Germany, Korea, Hong Kong & Malaysia, to name a few.Taking cues from the great masters, Nicholas’ style can best be described as colorful & traditional, with a contemporary flair. His work borders on semi-realism (by choice), and has been revered for his work with light & shadows. His favorite subjects are landscapes & portraits, but he occasionally challenges himself with mixed media and experiments with various (sometimes rudimentary) drawing tools to create different works of art.
Presently, Nick spends his time painting abstracts, something that took him 3 years to arrive at. In this genre of work, Nick’s technique, language and expression are easily noticeable in his large washes, jagged cuts, contrast and play of colors on the canvas.
2014 - SOLO (Studies of Loved Objects), Atelier Art Space, Petaling Jaya
2010 - First solo exhibition, Epicenter Art Gallery, Petaling Jaya
2015 - Flow x Symmetry, Alliance Francaise, Kuala Lumpur
2014 - Everything Meets Here – A Debut Art Exhibition, Anak Bunga Emas Gallery, Kuala Lumpur and CONJOIN: SPONTANEOUS #1, Artemis Art @ Lot 48 Publika, Kuala Lumpur
2013 - Art For Grabs, The Annexe Gallery, Central Market, Kuala Lumpur
2012 - Nostalgia, Pelita Hati Gallery of Art, Kuala Lumpur