Publika at Solaris Dutamas is an innovative commercial development concept. It is an urban centre for creativity. Purposefully built and designed to encourage creativity and innovation, it is fast becoming a home for creative retail covering novel products, original concepts, fresh niche market and merchandising with a difference.

The lifestyle mall embodies swanky creative mind and the swagger of thinking differently. You will find works of art as part of the streetscape, including the street furniture. It carries concepts and initiatives such as MAP@Publika i.e.  Making Art Public (MAP). It has two key spaces – White Box, for art exhibitions and Black Box for Art and theatre performances.

Publika is being carefully nurtured as a place where art, style and taste collide in the most exciting and vibrant ways. It is fast becoming the brand most synonymous with creative retail and retailing creativity.

CAFFA 2018  will be held at the Boulevard area, The Square area (outdoor) and Whitebox and Blackbox areas of PUBLIKA