Coffee Academy

Barista Guild Asia

Barista Guild Asia (Malaysia) was founded on the vision to inspire and empower both coffee consumers and coffee professionals. We endeavor to provide the most comprehensive and in-depth coffee training in the industry and deliver world class solutions through coffee education. 
Our courses and programs for Coffee Professionals and Baristas are based on the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe Coffee Diploma System. The education system is aimed to meet the needs of coffee professionals everywhere. It is a controlled and certified system with a curriculum written and updated by the best minds in the coffee industry. Our Professional SCAE Barista Level Foundation and Intermediate Certifications are based on both technical/theory knowledge and practical examinations.
We also provide the widest range of exciting three-hour coffee enthusiast programs
The Coffee Connoisseur Series: 
1. Introduction to Coffee Appreciation 
2. Sensory: Espresso 
3. Sensory: Introduction to Brewing Methods 
4. Professional Cupping: 
A. Cupping Protocol B. Introduction to Single Origin


Barista’s Craft, Malaysia and Singapore

Barista’s Craft Pte. Ltd is a beverage and hospitality training company serving Singapore & Asia Pacific region. We offer services to companies, organizations and individuals in pursuit of service quality, personal growth and managerial excellence within the Specialty Coffee Industry.

Founded in 2013, our focus is to create and inspire coffee excellence through educational and training opportunities. With integrity & professionalism, we seek to develop our clients’ potential to the fullest. Barista’s Craft specialty coffee training program includes our in-house customizedworkshops, as well as professional modules and workshops from Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) and Coffee Consulate.

Our enviable team includes professional & qualified trainers who has extensive industry experience, both in the area of coffee knowledge and café operations. We believe that only with culmination of sufficient length of period in real-life operations and training experiences; our trainers’ will be able to provide clients’ with real competitive advantages.


Bettrbarista Academy, Singapore

Our passion for coffee comes through in our approach to education. We love getting creative with our learning journeys around coffee - for enthusiasts, baristas, roasters, cafe owners - and anyone in between.

Our colourful crew of certified professional educators brings a unique flavour to all our programmes, because we spend as much time learning how to be great teachers as we do in learning about coffee and our craft.

From making sure that you get hands-on time with your own machine, to hosting open cupping and practice sessions, we continue building relationships and creating opportunities for our community to connect and grow - because knowledge is at its best when it is shared.


Cosans Coffee Academy, Malaysia

Launched in 2014, Cosans Coffee Academy started out as an urban concept café at Subang Jaya called Cosans Coffee & Sandwich Bar. With great hospitality passion, our team at Cosans embarked on a project to open our own Coffee Academy.

Working together with Singapore’s School of Coffee that has been offering barista training to public through collaboration with Professional Adult Continuing Education (PACE) department of Singapore Polytechnic since 2011, our joint objective is to provide a training platform to the public to learn the art of being a barista. Hence, through Cosans we aim to develop an understanding of a coffee culture in the Malaysian market through education and to bring gourmet coffee drinking culture closer to the next generation, enabling students to have a greater appreciation of coffee.


Dankoff Coffee Academy, Malaysia

Dankoff Coffee Academy Malaysia (dcA) is established in June 2014. The academy was formed through the collaboration of Coffee Pro and Dankoff Coffee Specialist Sdn Bhd.
dcA is recognized and endorsed by Coffee Pro. All training courses are based on SCAA and SCAE certification programme and conducted by certified and professional instructors, barista, roasters and judges.
dcA Malaysia conducts and provides professional SCAA and SCAE courses, roasting courses, CQI courses, as well as coffee & tea related courses too.


Eciatto Barista Academy, Malaysia

Now Eciatto is a leader in the industry, and in addition to the world’s most sophisticated coffee blends, we sell the coffee machines and all the coffee supplies our customers need. Along with products, we provide a range of services designed to help our business customers flourish services that our founding fathers would never have dream of.

Our aim is to tailor your workplace coffee system to you and your staff. Our excellent service reflects this. We encourage you to be as open and up-front about your requirements as possible so that we can maintain our service standards.

Besides, to provide excellent after sales service, our skilful Barista Support Team is ready to train you to make a cup of perfect espresso and repair coffee machines immediately too.

For our business customers we have trained barista & mixologist who can provide round the clock service to keep our hospitality customers’ coffee machines serviced and operates efficiently;

Course: Eciatto provides SCAE Professional Barista Course (Introduction to Coffee, Level Foundation and Intermediate, Level Professional); Basic Barista Course, Basic Latte Art Workshop (Beginner/Advanced), Mixology and Coffee Appreciation workshop;

For our retail customers, we have friendly on-site demonstrators, who can work on our customers’ businesses to offer coffee tastings, and demonstrate to the coffee-loving public how to make excellent coffee at home;

We can provide In-House Staff Training Classes, to ensure that your staff can create superb coffee for YOUR clients, and that they know how to operate and maintain your espresso coffee machine.

And of course, we have trained Customer Service Professionals, who understand your business, and ensure that YOU have all the information, support and products you need to help your business grow.


Gold Choice Barista Academy, Malaysia

We are an excellent Barista Academy in conducting professional Barista training courses with the aim of creating major development in the coffee businesses in Malaysia. Our main objective is to help every student of the Gold Choice Barista Academy to actualize their dream by owning a successful business model of coffee outlets/chains. We have experienced Barista trainers and a collection of coffee machines to enhance the delivery of our courses. Gold Choice Barista Academy also offers special tailor-made menus, coffee machines, coffee beans, related accessories, smoothies and maintenance services to meet the needs of our customers.


Highlander Coffee, Malaysia and Singapore

Since Nov 2004 we have been committed to sharing serious coffee making skills with anyone who is passionate about coffee.
With our passion and diligence, we have conducted coffee workshops to over 8000 participants in Singapore and around the region since 2004. They are the ordinary coffee drinker, coffee enthusiast, office workers, cafe operators, and cafe wannabes.

In recent years, many have embarked to offer similar coffee program like ours with the assumption that offering coffee education is lucrative. It doesn't take long to realise that it involves a lot of hard work to be meaningful and sustainable. Again, it's really about passion and diligence.

The company has been featured by major media namely HER  World, Berita Harian, The New Paper, The Sunday Times, MediaCorp Channel U,  ZaoBao,  IS Magazine, The Singapore Women's Weekly,, Business  Times, The Straits Times, WoBao and Eight Days.


The Brista Coffee Academy of Asia, Phillipines

The Barista and Coffee Academy of Asia, Inc. (BCAA) is a technical training institute whose mission is to help address the growing needs and requirements of the specialty coffee industry. BCAA offers world class barista training, coffee education, and consultancy. BCAA’s target clientele are the baristi, industry educators, entrepreneurs, students, professionals, and coffee aficionados. 

BCAA is the only coffee school in the country that is affiliated with an international coffee business school, The American Barista & Coffee School [ABC's]. ABC’s is the premier professional facility in the world for coffee business entrepreneurs. ABC’s is located in Portland, Oregon and is the first to offer a complete coffee business educational workshop combined with hands-on barista training.

Our Affiliates.
The American Barista & Coffee School [ABC's] is the premier professional facility in the world for coffee business entrepreneurs who want to start up and operate a specialty coffee business. ABC's, works hard to ensure that their entrepreneurial clients walk away with a comprehensive understanding of the retail coffee industry and the confidence to open their own successful coffee operations. 

The Dilmah School of Tea is the only Tea education facility based in Sri Lanka. The Dilmah School of Tea seeks to inspire passion in tea through knowledge of the artisanal aspects of tea amongst hospitality professionals, tea aficionados and consumers. The emphasis is on the importance of Real Tea and the versatility of this natural herb in Tea Gastronomy, food pairing and Tea Mixology.


The Vergnano Academy, Malaysia

The Vergnano Academy exceeds all boundaries to bring the tradition of coffee abroad. Because coffee is an art that cannot be improvised, it is dictated by precise rules that Caffè Vergnano teaches during courses held in their premises throughout the world.  Academy born at the end of 2013, a point of reference for South East Asia, the Malaysian Academy is managed in collaboration with our distributor AsiaEuro Wines & Spirits. 

A room entirely dedicated to the culture of espresso, but which also presents the most important innovations regarding equipment and trends in the world of coffee, coming from Australia and Indonesia. 

As it happens in all our Academies in the world, the courses are held by a Master Trainer (Eddy Lau), SCAE II level qualified, formed by our Vergnano Academy Master Trainer Damian Burgess. The most popular and successful courses, open to all – distributors and final customers – are “Professional Barista” and “Latte Art” and use the top 1882 Espresso blend in large tin. The South East Asian market is growing quickly in espresso-based preparations.