Through our networks of industry leaders, our Cafe team was established to aid and support cafe owners and “wanna be cafe owners”, in developing greater profits and better customer relations based on a community ethos.


There are three packages tailored to make your business successful:

1. Pre-Open and opening:
ie. site selection, set up fixtures and fittings, commercial catering equipment,menus, suppliers, document operations including structure, Food and beverage costs, staff , recruiting, training and budgets.

2. Open and Operating:
Providing onsite support, with training and implementing sales with customer services,and building profits.

3. Follow up and expand:
Marketing, event coordination menu expansion/change to suit demand and ongoing staff training.

Service is everything and essential, all our strategies are focused on building a lasting experience for the customer ensuring repeat business and word of mouth recommendations, increasing sales.


Established Businesses… How can we help you?

We can assist in assessing your business via:

1. Mystery Diner
A comprehensive mystery diner report, with a summary of key issues and solutions, in order for you to improve your business.

2. Coffee Improvement
An assessment of a sit in and takeaway service, with hands on training to improve the quality and speed of your coffee output.

3.Competitor Analysis
A full report on at least two of your closest competitors, including pricing, menus, coffee, customers, location and Marketing.

4.Cost Analysis:
A thorough assessment of all your business costs and profit margins, (including your menu items) , with recommendations on how to reduce your costs.


Looking to improve your business?

1.Menu design
The menu is the most important item in your business- let us help you create a more effective menu that will help you build your business whilst saving you food wastage.

2.Marketing Plan
When was the last time you promoted your cafe? Short of ideas? We can help you by designing an action plan so that you can get on with building your business.

3. Business Plan
We help you with cash flow forecasts with a future strategy for your cafe with a concise business plan.

4.Operations Manual
A Comprehensive personalised manual, from Employers Handbook, Health and safety, Food hygiene; all the tools to help with day to day running of the cafe offering a guide to your managers and staff.

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