Aeropress Throwdown@CAFFA2016

The Aeropress Throwdown is an event jointly co-oranised by Brew Platform and CAFFA 2016.  The Brew Platform is a coffee community with over 200 members consisting of Q graders, roasters, cafe owners, baristas, and coffee enthusiasts. The objective of this event is to bring the community together with activities and recognition for aspiring baristas in the industry. 


Latorre & Dutch - Official Green Beans supplier

KL Coffee Collective - Official Roaster

Ditting - Official Grinder


General Rules of the Aeropress Throwdown:

All competitors will have a 8 minutes comp time, this includes prep time & brew time – the clock will count down from 8 minutes. Failure to serve the drink in that time will mean disqualification. The technique used by the competitor must be in writing and given to the judges – this will not be considered in judging.

Judging – There are 3 judges and a Head Judge. 

To register, please email